How to Speed Up Tooth Recovery After Dental Implant Surgery

If you’ve recently had a tooth extraction, you’re probably wondering 교대역임플란트 what you can do to speed up your recovery. Ice packs can help decrease swelling and provide pain relief, but you should stop them immediately if you experience unusual pain or itching. The good news is that most people recover from tooth extractions within a week. However, if you’re experiencing any strange side effects, you should contact your oral surgeon. Your oral surgeon can determine when it’s safe to return to your daily activities.

Avoid strenuous activity

Tooth Recovery

After dental surgery, the patient should avoid any strenuous activities for at least 4 days. Exercising increases blood pressure, which can bleed the extraction site. Additionally, it can dislodge a blood clot that will be present in the area for several days after the extraction. So it’s best to avoid exercise for at least four days after tooth extraction. However, some people should exercise right after surgery.

Avoid blowing the nose with a Tooth

While you are recovering teeth from dental implant surgery, it is important to avoid activities that may jeopardize your recovery. Your dental implant dentist will provide you with postoperative instructions, including a list of activities that should be avoided. Blow your nose is prohibited after some dental implant procedures, including those that include a sinus lift. It is best to follow these guidelines and avoid blowing your nose until you have recovered completely.

Avoid smoking

Smoking has adverse consequences on your oral health. It increases your risk of developing gum disease, tooth decay, and mouth cancer. It can even lead to a complication after your tooth is removed, called an abscess. Fortunately, you can avoid the risks of smoking by following some simple steps. Visiting your dentist regularly is crucial, since he can give you valuable advice on your oral health and check for oral cancer.

Avoid drinking alcohol for Tooth

You must avoid drinking alcohol immediately after your extraction to ensure a fast tooth recovery. The blood clot that forms at the site of the tooth extraction allows granulation tissue to form and can take a week or longer to fully heal. Drinking alcohol during this time will not only slow down the healing process, but will also increase your risk of infection. During this time, you must limit your alcohol intake and drink plenty of water.

Avoid ice pack

You may be wondering whether you should avoid an ice pack after a toothache. Although ice is an excellent temporary solution to dental pain, it is not a long-term solution. The fact is, ice can actually cause more harm to your teeth than good. This is especially true if you chew on it, which can chip, crack, and break your enamel. In such a scenario, you should instead use another method of tooth pain relief.

Avoid sneezing

If your dentist has removed a tooth, you should avoid sneezing during the recovery period. Nasal passages are closely connected with teeth, and tooth extraction may break the communication. Nasal discharge may contain blood. This is not unusual, but you should tell your dentist if you notice it. Also, avoid blowing your nose. Forcibly blowing your nose will increase the air pressure inside the nasal cavity, which may cause a hole in the sinus.